Trumps Male Talk

Regarding the Trump dirty talk story that just came out, below is an excellent perspective on it. You know there’s such a thing as Female Talk too. And I’ll wager i n Hillarys case it sounds more like Male Talk.

  1. Bull Durham says:

    For those who make confessions, and make full examinations of one’s life, you know you examine your actions and your words. The words are the words directed at God, or at others.

    Never do you examine “remarks”, common conversations in bars, locker rooms or in brief encounters where bragging is the parlance. First, it is nearly impossible to do and second, it is meaningless minutiae of anyone’s life. Your words about your venal thoughts are not sins. They transgress no one. Normal heterosexual males forever and in every culture speak such things.

    So, he has no sin but lust. And we don’t know whether that was true. He was a braggart by style of life.

    All males talk homeruns when they barely have had a scratch single. Singles become doubles the older you get. Fences are farther for homeruns. Hell, we talk about hits in games that occurred in Little League but tell them like they were high school games. It’s not a lie. It’s not deception. It’s male talk.

    What we have here in this stuff is Male talk.

    I don’t require sainthood in a leader. I require leadership that loves the People and the Country.
    There’s no dead bodies in Trump’s past. There is no failure to respond like Benghazi. There are no foreign regime changes, no armed interventions, no mass bombings for years, no dead soldiers coming home in caskets, no corruption, no perjury,no crimes against humanity, no laughter at dead leaders.

    We know and heard from his lips before and many times that he had done some “not so good” things, and we know all the Evangelicals knew his “sinful” past. Yet, they put him on the path to redemption and walked with him, counseled him.

    Donald Trump is the blessing we prayed for. He came with toughness to endure anything, to stand tall while knowing assassins were out there somewhere trying to kill him. He exposed his life and his family and his business to slander, libel, terrorism and the hot spotlight of Media exposure.

    He’s heroic not immaculate. He is the threat to the evil we abhor in our nation. He could not be pure and know what he knows about the rigged system. He was dipped in the processes. Now he can change what needs to be changed and fix what needs to be fixed and enforce what needs to be enforced.

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