Tom McClintock sells us out Yea vote HR6393

Email to local radio host, KSFO Brian Sussman:

The swamp has claimed Tom McClintock. From your show and interviews over the years I had an impression of Tom McClintock being a stand up guy. Well he just sold us all out.
McClintock voted Yea. Look it up: 
HR6393 is based on the shady & discredited anonymous group PropOrNot’s flimsy McCarthyite “standards” – so broad those on both the Left and the aRight fit it – to list any news outlet that disagrees with MSM / Government narrative as “fake news”.
HR6393 opens the door to blacklist you Brian Sussman, and Katie Green – right like she’s a Commie Spy for sure – and Drudge, Breitbart etc as “Russian Propagandists”.
With Orwellian irony PropOrNot calls such dissenting voices the Useful Idiots.
Tom McClinton is basically saying YOU Brian and Katie are Useful Idiots. Rush is a Useful Idiot. Michael Savage is a Useful Idiot. Even Bill Maher, James Carville, and Chris Matthews, who’ve been known to question the PC Talking Points occasionally, are Useful Idiots. No one is safe.
No. YOU Tom McClintock are the Useful Idiot. You and your fellow GOPe swine in Congress who passed this Orwellian nightmare bill are the Idiots, and you’re becoming pretty useless. 
I am confident Trump and especially Steve Banner will kill this bill.
But let’s stop being Useful Idiots ourselves, and stop re-electing phonies like Carpetbagger McClintock. Start packing, Tom.
—- in Brentwood


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