Professionals and coloring books

Yesterday I kid you not my Lib coworker showed me pics on her phone of her new hobby – coloring books!

She says I’m in a bubble watching Fox news. Faux News. Really. Such Libs are behind the times on the state of conservative media. For that matter of any media, including their MSM. “Fast and Furious” drew a blank with her the other day. She couldn’t believe my description of it. “You must listen to some alt media, she said”.

A sanctimonious ostrich, she listens to NPR and CNN, clinging to the fantasy that they are real news, while they pump her up on mis-info and Trump-Hate. I enjoyed telling her about Trump’s approval hitting 55% and still climbing. Now polls don’t matter. LOL.

My colleague clings to coloring books and Trump-Hate and ignorance in her MSM bubble. There’s no piercing it. Only the popcorn 🍿.

PS I don’t share this site with Libs when they ask what news you do like. Don’t bring trolls to the treehouse.


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