The Good Doctor – new TV show, same old anti-white racism

Just watched episode 3 of ABC’s The Good Doctor. Very enjoyable but I can’t help noticing:

Lead surgeon – black male

Team lead – Hispanic male

Our autustic genius main character – wimpy White male

Ok I don’t mind this casting, whatever. And the main actor Freddie Highmore is a great Character actor. And it’s from the writers of House.

But this episode. Ehhhhh. Bugging me. The 2 main patients…

Sweetheart guy on list for  new liver. Screws up when daughter offers him a glass of champagne and drinks it. Disqualifies self from the donor list. Doctor argues his case for an exception to the black head surgeon, who insists rules are rules, loses.

A-hole guy undergoing mouth cancer treatments or something, with gaping hole in cheek, whines about it. Has continued to smoke, retarding his healing. 

The champagne drinker heads nobly home to die. No fuss. The daughter who gave the Hispanic doctor grief accepts her guilt and behaves. The smoker, wheeled out happy and treated, stuffs a fat cigar in his mouth, ready to light up.

The overt message – Liver donor abstinence rules are hypocritical given the laxness around other treatments and poor patient behavior.

Good stuff, except, Mr Champagne is… black. Mr A-hole is… white. Always it’s this pattern. Bad guy white, good guy black. In TV commercials it’s white guy dumb, black guy wise. The usual white-washing (no pun intended) of reality. Because, really? No race card thrown down by either black? In this day of identity politics? And the evil guy’s vice just happens to have him mirror an icon of conservative media? This is coincidence? Really?

It’s about as coincidental to me as President G.W. Bush’s head on a pike in Game of Thrones.

You just can never forget, we are living in The Matrix. Stay alert and awake.


5 thoughts on “The Good Doctor – new TV show, same old anti-white racism

  1. Good write up. Just another show I’ll never watch
    I have given up on Network Television, sports and other types of TV.
    I rent or buy old movies. John Wayne, Humphrey Bogart, Peter Sellers, Tom Sellek. You get the drift.
    SJW’s and Gen LGTBQVXYZ have destroyed TV.

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    • I’m ashamed to say I’m not quite ready to give it up, since the wife is enjoying it. It was subtle, at least not in your face virtual signal screeching like Greys Anatomy. That show makes me yell at the tv. Bunch of pajama boys n girls in that show.


    • We watched “The Big Sleep” with Bogart and Bacall yesterday, it’s a GREAT movie. Today, we watched “Out of the Past” with Mitchum and Jane Greer. Another GREAT old movie, I highly recommend! Found these for free online using “” which, though kinda spammy, is invaluable for finding old movies. They do have new movies there, but we prefer old stuff. Last ‘new’ movie we went to the theater to see was “Angry Birds.” It’s excellent IF you know going in that, while a ‘cute cartoon,’ it is ACTUALLY about the muslim invasion of Germany.

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      • Wow I did not know that about Angry Birds!! A fun old movie if you can find it is Ronald Reagan’s “Brother Rat”. I’m a graduate of that school and never would have tried half the stunts they did in that movie! 🙂


  2. Are you familiar with the term “Magic N word” ?? Spike Lee popularized the term, may have invented it, I’m not sure. Do an internet search for it along with Spike Lee and you’ll find his stuff about the usually present ‘magic n word’ that saves white characters. Unholywood has been shoving this crap down America’s throats for … basically forever. Also might want to search for info on ‘the rural purge’ which is when unholywood decided to remove all the family friendly wholesome television shows in order to move the destruction of our nation along more quickly.

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