Professionals and coloring books

Yesterday I kid you not my Lib coworker showed me pics on her phone of her new hobby – coloring books!

She says I’m in a bubble watching Fox news. Faux News. Really. Such Libs are behind the times on the state of conservative media. For that matter of any media, including their MSM. “Fast and Furious” drew a blank with her the other day. She couldn’t believe my description of it. “You must listen to some alt media, she said”.

A sanctimonious ostrich, she listens to NPR and CNN, clinging to the fantasy that they are real news, while they pump her up on mis-info and Trump-Hate. I enjoyed telling her about Trump’s approval hitting 55% and still climbing. Now polls don’t matter. LOL.

My colleague clings to coloring books and Trump-Hate and ignorance in her MSM bubble. There’s no piercing it. Only the popcorn 🍿.

PS I don’t share this site with Libs when they ask what news you do like. Don’t bring trolls to the treehouse.

Republic not Democracy

This is a great summation of what the Democrats aren’t understanding:

…”We should also abolish the Electoral College”. The US is a republic, not a pure democracy – this has been covered plenty; and the Electoral College exists to ensure that a president is elected with a regional consensus. That is, a president must accumulate enough EC delegates to demonstrate that he or she is acceptable to most people in most parts of the country. If the US elected presidents by popular vote, citizens from certain states or regions would literally have no say in who becomes president; A half dozen populous states would pick the president every election.

The Democrats are coming to grips with the fact that they’ve become an east coast/west coast party, and that’s not enough to carry a presidential election. They have the population, but not the electors. This is why there’s so much talk about abolishing the Electoral College lately. So, rather than assess why they’ve lost most of the country, they seek to destroy the constitutional safeguards restraining them. I don’t know what else to call that other than self-serving and un-American.


My pitch for Martin Sheens next project

28 Morons Later

A movie proposal continuing the Zombie Apocalypse movie franchise 28 Days Later and 28 Weeks Later.


Martin Sheen and every actor in his “Hey Electoral Voters, Join Our Club For The Vain And Stupid” video, fearing the inevitable Republican Apocalypse, have done a run on their banks and are holed up with all their cash in an old warehouse on the east side of LA.

Opening scene:

Michael Sheen –  I don’t know if they’re related, except by stupidity – having given up his dubious acting career to become a Globalist Activist, has no place to go in Trumptopia and is beating at the door. After a quick pitch and close by Martin on a timeshare deal, Michael is let in.
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Tom McClintock sells us out Yea vote HR6393

Email to local radio host, KSFO Brian Sussman:

The swamp has claimed Tom McClintock. From your show and interviews over the years I had an impression of Tom McClintock being a stand up guy. Well he just sold us all out.
McClintock voted Yea. Look it up: 
HR6393 is based on the shady & discredited anonymous group PropOrNot’s flimsy McCarthyite “standards” – so broad those on both the Left and the aRight fit it – to list any news outlet that disagrees with MSM / Government narrative as “fake news”.
HR6393 opens the door to blacklist you Brian Sussman, and Katie Green – right like she’s a Commie Spy for sure – and Drudge, Breitbart etc as “Russian Propagandists”.
With Orwellian irony PropOrNot calls such dissenting voices the Useful Idiots.
Tom McClinton is basically saying YOU Brian and Katie are Useful Idiots. Rush is a Useful Idiot. Michael Savage is a Useful Idiot. Even Bill Maher, James Carville, and Chris Matthews, who’ve been known to question the PC Talking Points occasionally, are Useful Idiots. No one is safe.
No. YOU Tom McClintock are the Useful Idiot. You and your fellow GOPe swine in Congress who passed this Orwellian nightmare bill are the Idiots, and you’re becoming pretty useless. 
I am confident Trump and especially Steve Banner will kill this bill.
But let’s stop being Useful Idiots ourselves, and stop re-electing phonies like Carpetbagger McClintock. Start packing, Tom.
—- in Brentwood

Thanksgiving – the real story

Thanksgiving The Real Story from Aesop Redux on Vimeo.

A little research into the history of our first (successful) Pilgrims shows us something really interesting.

The first Pilgrims learned the hard way that Socialism and Communism do not work, destroying motivation and morale. Self reliance and reaping the benefits of your own labor (and not others) was the only way they avoided starving to death their first winter. A valuable lesson we should all remember this Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

NPR and the Culture War

As an IT guy in California, I know most of my coworkers are dedicated NPR listeners. That’s just California for you! But is it? These coworkers come from many other places in the US, and from abroad. And they all overwhelmingly listen to NPR.

I fear we are losing the culture war in America today. Obviously our colleges are churning out little self-righteous marxists. Nasty people when they see tou don’t sup their Kooliad.  But IT professionals coming in from India and China seem to get indoctrinated quickly into the NPR culture. Apparently their universities and ours share the same worldview, globalism, and they are addicted to the same thing, NPR, the Heroine of news sources. NPR makes people feel warm, secure, righteous, and “on the right side”. It doesn’t matter if its propaganda and lies. NPR says the “other side” is bad, evil, selfish and greedy. The entire corporate aka mainstream media says the same thing. And they do it all while sounding so educated, upbeat, Good, and Nice (and while sweeping all their Ugly under the rug). Who could disagree? NPR makes listeners addicts without them even realizing they’re being drugged.

The problem is that NPR Liberals – some of whom can be very nice people in their daily lives – are kept clueless.  They go about their lives fat (metaphorically speaking), dumb, and happy.

I have found NPR listeners are ignorant about such ugly facts as Hillary Clinton’s sordid past, current involvement with the likes of Black Lives Matter, taking money from countries like Saudi Arabia and Qatar where gays and women are killed and abused. NPR listeners don’t know who Reverend Jeremiah Wright is, nor Bill Ayers, nor even Barry Soetoro!
NPR listeners are mostly ignorant of all this. And I’ve found when told about some Democrat scandal or crime, they shrug everything off with “it happens, everybody does it” or a projection onto the current enemy Republican dujour.

NPR listeners are somehow capable of being offended that Trump had 3 bankruptcies ( he owns over 500 businesses) which is legal (it happens, everybody does it) yet are unconcerned with things they’ve actually heard about, like Hillary Clinton’s illegal insider trading with Whitewater, the horrible Bengazi scandal and coverup, and the Clinton Foundation’s corruption with Pay to Play which leads to things like the fleecing of charity money in Haiti, where Clinton donors got rich off contract deals but nothing got rebuilt there and Haitians are living in horrible conditions still. That’s okay thought because NPR says the Clintons didn’t do anything wrong. And you just don’t disagree wih NPR! Who does that!?!

We know that most politicians are lying sociopaths by default. Is the same true of NPR listeners?

I hope not all NPR listeners are lost causes. The ones that don’t do the immediate shrug off might be open minded and educable. Some lean toward conservative principles even if they don’t identify them as such. Some actually believe in right and wrong, not just self righteousness. Some just don’t know what the alternatives to NPR are. These we have to try to reach.

NPR paints a happy “Libs Good Republicans Bad” worldview complete with lies about how great Obama, Obamacare, the Economy is etc etc. and how evil and uncaring those on the Right are. 

The NPR bubble. I see three types floating in it. 1) Libs who want to protect it at all costs. These are the marxist idealogues who start shrieking their talking points when you dare to disagree. And spew contradictory thoughts like, I’m a liberal slash libertarian, but I like Sanders and Socialism. I guess I’m a communist.” A Libertarian Communist. This is the product of Higher Education brainwashing. 2) The low info types. Well intentioned generally, they think they’re getting so much wonderful information on NPR, they’ve apprently never heard of the word “propaganda” and trust the mainstream medi completely. Nice people, they naturally gravitate to the siren call of NPR. Unaware of the false narratives they are fed daily, they think Obama is “a pretty good president”. They know no alternative, and dutifully wouldn’t leave anyway, buying the lie that radio and people on the Right are evil. The fact that the Right leaning Media self identities as such while the leftist media pushes a con of being objective is lost on them, being just a bit too far into the deep end for them in the pool of thought. 3) Conservative leaning NPR listeners, who haven’t heard of Rush (come on, he’s still the biggest name in conservative media, and IMO would have the most appeal for these educated IT types who are used to their “cultured, intellectual” effetes at NPR) get smacked every which way with false narratives, lies and Red Herrings. 

One of the latter conservatives – a Trump supporter too new to the US to know to keep his mouth shut in CA IT workplaces – told me after the 3rd debate that Trump made a mistake refusing to answer the “will he concede” question. I explained how it would then have just been spun that “Trump conceded last night that he’s already lost the election. Why do we even need to vote?” I could see this new concept getting processed.  Soon I hope to get him off of NPR. For his own sanity.

The idea that govt and corporate media is not objective is not new to folks from China or Russia. But many can’t believe the USA – the country the world looks up to for fair media and election processes – has become so corrupted. They won’t believe it even when given examples. After all, they came here to get away from all that, and NPR is so, so reassuring.

How do we overcome NPR propaganda? I think we need to hold our noses and listen a bit to NPR, and learn what we’re up against. What are the talking points issued, what are the daily spins put on what little news they report? I can’t stand listening to the corporate media and it’s constant slant; but we have to know our enemy. NPR seems to be the heart and soul of the enemy worldview and society. We need to learn how to change hearts, show a different path to optimism and living a good life. Through Nationalism, not NPR/MSM’s Globalism.

Final thoughts. Whom NPR doesn’t reach and medicate, the mainstream media does. Too many are asleep in the Matrix. If this election doesn’t wake them, nothing will. It may be time to break away from them, somehow. I guess we’ll see in 17 days.

Make America Great Again! TRUMP 2016!

What’s Wrong With Hillary? A lot. Part 1

And yes it’s worse stuff than Trump’s Trash Talk from 11 years ago.

About a month from now we’ll be voting for the next POTUS (President of The United States). The top two candidates are Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

We’ve never seen a selection like these two characters before. Who do you choose?

Most people I talk to just want to pick the lesser of two evils. But while we’re getting tons of negative stuff shoved at us by the MSM, social media etc about Donald Trump, Hillary’s past is being ignored.

If you knew Hillary’s past, old and recent, you’d realize she’s a terrible person, probably the most corrupt person ever to run for POTUS.  Again, you won’t hear much about it in the MSM, because (IMHO) they are ardent supporters of Hillary Clinton (former colleagues, big donors, etc).

So I’m going to share a few links and Fun Facts about Mrs. Clinton you might not have known:

War on Women

It’s known the Clinton marriage was a political thing. Hillary allowed Bill to go after women. This goes way back to his days as Governor of Arkansas. A lot of these women may have been willing, but some were not, like Juanita Broaddrick, who maintains she was raped by Bill.

What’s really evil about Hillary is that she not only went along with it, Hillary did “damage control” by attacking, shaming, and intimidating these women to silence them.

From a recent interview:

“And (Hillary) said, ‘I just want you to know how much Bill and I appreciate the things you do for him.’ And I just stood there, Aaron. I was sort of you might say shell-shocked.’

“And she (Hillary) said, ‘Do you understand? Everything you do.’ She tried to take a hold of my hand and I left. I told the girls, ‘I can’t take this. I’m leaving.’ So I immediately left.”

In other accounts Broaddrick continued that this to her, delivered by Hillary with a cold piercing stare, was very scary put her in fear for her life.

Then there’s an older CBS interview, where CBS covered for Hillary, editing out Broaddricks’ accusation. A pretty common practice by our MSM.

Plenty more women, like Monica Lewinsky – a young intern Bill took advantage of. Lewinsky ultimately had to create an anti-bullying campaign to stop the Clinton’s attack machine – lead by Hillary. Linda Trip reports  Assault victims like Paula Jones and Kathleen Willey.

Hillary Clinton is a “coarse, profane political operative … with no moral compass,” according to former White House staffer Linda Tripp, whose workspace was located directly adjacent to the then-first lady’s second floor West Wing office.

Linda Tripp states the person you see in public is very different than the real, behind the scenes Hillary; describes Hillary’s temperament issues like throwing things at Bill, twisting staffers arms in a rage.

You get the idea. These are starting points – and there’s many critical articles too about all these assaults and allegations of assault. Do your own research. If you do you’ll find more evidence of a long trail of Hillary & Bill’s treatment and abuse on women, I guarantee it.

There’s so many more ugly topics too, like her staffers mocking of African American names (yes Hillary you are responsible for what’s acceptable in the workplace you run), Hillary’s praise for mentor and former KKK member Robert Byrd,

... Hillary Kisses KKK “Friend and Mentor” Robert Byrd – TruthFeed

KKK “Exalted Cyclops” and Hillary Mentor Robert Byrd

her hateful treatment of the Secret Service agents that guard her to this day, and consider it a punishment assignment, her involvement with violent anti-police thug organizations like BLM that call for the murder of police officers. BTW guess who the largest national police organization endorses?

We’ll save these for a future post.