Diversity through Ethnic Homelands

I don’t know what to make of this review of the new Marvel movie Black Panther by Lifechanging.

I just love the silly weird emoting of SJW “thought”.

(For those unfamiliar with it, the movie Black Panther is about the origin of an African superhero in a fictional country called Wakanda, cut off from the rest of the world, with a highly advanced hi-tech civilization due to finding some alien metal. The plot is basically a mirror of The Lion King. I have not seen it. Maybe on Netflix.)

Is this naive Progressive idealism gone over the top? Or is it genius Conservative satire?

I almost think the latter, because it’s just too idiotic to be true. But since he actually rated Black Panther 10 out of 10, and assuming no decent Conservative would contribute to that PC bloated figure, Lifechanging must be a Prog.

Let’s dissect Lifechanging‘s message, and learn a little about the Lie called Diversity.

Diversity IS our greatest strength.

Here’s where the disconnect, or lie, happens.


Diversity has been sold as a benefit to an existing nation by the addition of new ethnicities and cultures, changing its culture for the better. Because variety is just better. It’s the standard rationale used for open borders and unlimited immigration, that these things benefit a nation. They do not.


The reader might assume “Our” refers to a Diverse nation, like America. Wrong. By “our”, Lifechanging means blacks, the “black community”. He might be living in America (or Uk or wherever. For sake of argument let’s assume the US) but Lifechanging identifies by Ethnicity group first.

Lifechanging continues.

Let’s preserve it (Diversity) with an ethnic homeland for every race.

In other words, “you go your way, us blacks will go ours”. In separateness lies our strength.

Remember, this is all prefaced by

[I] wonder why Africans the world over don’t return to their sacred and ancestral homes?

The first time I read this review I thought, What? To preserve our nation’s Diversity all people of color should go back to their “sacred and ancestral homes”!?! Uhm, if all races leave, doesn’t that kind of kill our Diversity?

Then it occurred to me, maybe Lifechanging and I have different definitions Diversity.

Maybe I’m not part of Lifechanging‘s “our”.

Unless I’m black.

So much for Diversity.

I realized that to Lifechanging, Diversity actually means, not uniting in spite of ethnicity, but uniting solely by ethnicity.

This is the position of Black Power SJWs. Segregation of Americans by race, focusing on what is good for their race first. And only.

Vive Wakanda [or fill in your own ethnic homeland name here]!

I assume “vive” is Wakandian for “viva”. Or are they culturally appropriating from the French? But I digress.

Lifechanging is apparently infatuated with a fantasy of running back to a very non-diverse, single ethnicity homeland. Understandable, since in the movie, Wakanda is the most technologically supreme and beautiful nation on the planet.

And created by just one single ethic group (Gee I wonder if that’s Lifechanging‘s group?).

That doesn’t say much for the power of Diversity, does it?

Confused at Lifechanging’s thought process and contradictions? That’s because Diversity is not the same as the Melting Pot. It is the opposite.

To the SJW Diversity means Black Power. It means La Raza. It means race first. While comfortably living off of the labors of others in America.

Now you understand what Diversity really is.

But that’s not the funniest and most ridiculous part.

Let’s go back to that naive 1st thought, because it’s just so loaded.

[I] wonder why Africans the world over don’t return to their sacred and ancestral homes?

Have you ever been to Africa? I’m pretty sure Lifechanging hasn’t. I lived there for 2 years, in Ghana. News flash, it’s called the 3rd world for a reason. It ain’t a 1st rate quality of life there. Not even 2nd. Disease, poverty, homicidal dictatorships and massive tribal genocide do not a Utopia make.

Even if you do discover some alien metal that absorbs sound and somehow lets you creat miracle medicines, and stuff superhero costumes into animal teeth necklaces that pop out to encapsulate you with no phone-booth needed. Come on. Just look what happens when other precious materials are found. Gold, diamonds, sugar, cocoa. Never seems to result in Utopia.

A Wakanda hasn’t surfaced yet. I guess Africa’s still waiting for that Alien metal to drop from the sky.

On that note, isn’t it a bit racist to imply that Africans could never achieve a 1st rate civilization on their own? It took the help of Alien tech.

Perhaps in the sequel they can address the problem of Alien Privilege.

Back to the joy of living in Africa.

Thank God my Granddaddy got on that boat!

Quote from Muhammad Ali upon returning from a trip to Africa.

No one in their right mind wants to go back and live in Africa.

Real Americans, sick of spoiled “African-Americans” with their “black suffering in America”, sick of being lied to that Diversity is good for the whole country, by groups just using Diversity for their own parasitic ethic victim group’s benefit, might like to see that emigration. Hell yeah.

So please Lifechanging, more power to you! Celebrate the power of your Diversity in an all-black Utopia.

Don’t wait! Go back to Africa!

It’d be good for our American “Diversity” too!

Just don’t be surprised when you find out that Wakanda is fiction.

You might find yourself quoting Muhammad Ali.

And looking for the next boat back.


Politicizing Yoga

The SJW life is one of strange fictions, and fixations. SJWs are removed from the real world, and devoid of the skills to get there. Which is why they tend to create their own worlds. This fantasy-reality gap is a great source of comedy for the rest of us “normals”.

Case in point. White Jewish SJW Lillie Wolff, and “Scholar of Color” presumably Indian college professor Shreena Gandhi. This Dysfunctional Duo, Hater and Self-Hater, recently published the following article, claiming that:

White people who do yoga [are] guilty of ‘power, privilege, and oppression’

Only a self hating White Liberal (Wolff) and a hypocritical American Standard of Living Appropriator From Another, Color Culture (Gandhi. No not that Gandhi) could be this moronic. Let’s dissect the following short paragraph from their article, chock full of warped SJW logic. For “anti-racists”, they make some pretty racist assumptions.

Continue reading

God bless the crew at Hillaryis44.org

Before finding my way to the Treehouse I was always impressed, if for very different goals and dreams, with the thinking and analysis of the folks at… hillaryis44.org
Yeah at the time they loved Hillary. But we both hated Obama. And boy did they nail him for the toxic mistake he would prove to be!

Ouch of a name though, right? But they didn’t fold, instead they adapted, and now bill themselves as:

THE TRUMPET @Hillary Is 44

From premier pro-Hillary Clinton website in 2007 To strong President Trump support website in 2017

Hey, welcome to the Trump Train!!
I’ve been enjoying this older article, covers the murder of the DNC by the Cult of Obama, great fun, but still pertinent too as we look ahead to 2018 and 2020.

“That Hillary2016 did not read and absorb the lessons we wrote about, particularly in that last Mistake In ’08 article is why Hillary2016 failed and why Hillary Clinton deserved to lose.”

Wow, this from a site called “hillaryis44.org”! Talk about tossing aside the cool-aid cup!
And “Mistake In ’08” … you just gotta love their name for Obama!

Ok, proving Sundance isn’t the only one capable of deep analytical thought, and dare I say it even love of country – and knowledge of its history, check out…


Why I miss Dean Martin, and love Trump

I just realized what’s wrong with all these SJWs and why they don’t know how – and can never be – happy. They’ve never listened to Dean Martin sing White Christmas.
Seriously, they don’t know what a wholesome and good feeling is. If they set down their Hate mantle a moment and stepped back from their lives and pie-in-the-sky Utopian Narrative dreams, they might just realize that’s what the true, melting pot America is about. That’s why we’re thankful for President Trump, his wonderful family and team. They’re fighting to save it.
And those Woke SJWs and Swamp Carpetbaggers that do get this and still want to tear America down, they’re simply Gollums, miserable Evil creatures.

1 Year later Politicos still pine for Hillary “if only’s”

Ok last post of the morning, just one more LOL.
Unworthy Deplorable that I am I stole the honor of reading an article by one of the Superior Intellects at Politico, NeverTrump writer Rich Lowry. The ending is fantastic. /sarc.

Donald Trump isn’t exactly on a winning streak, but… 

Man what rock have you been living under? Ok it was written a few days ago. But read some real news, on any topic lately. Trump’s owning it.

Lowry does go on to make some interesting observations, even does a good job at describing what the NFL and anthem should mean and be to all.
But then, oh Lordy, his last paragraph! 😂
“If Hillary Clinton during the campaign had said, politely, that Colin Kaepernick should stand during the anthem, it might have been enough of a signal of old-school patriotism to working-class voters to put her over the top.”

Almost a full year later and Politicos are still whining about her loss, and fantasizing about “if only’s”. 🍿😗🍿