1 Year later Politicos still pine for Hillary “if only’s”

Ok last post of the morning, just one more LOL.
Unworthy Deplorable that I am I stole the honor of reading an article by one of the Superior Intellects at Politico, NeverTrump writer Rich Lowry. The ending is fantastic. /sarc.

Donald Trump isn’t exactly on a winning streak, but… 

Man what rock have you been living under? Ok it was written a few days ago. But read some real news, on any topic lately. Trump’s owning it.

Lowry does go on to make some interesting observations, even does a good job at describing what the NFL and anthem should mean and be to all.
But then, oh Lordy, his last paragraph! πŸ˜‚
“If Hillary Clinton during the campaign had said, politely, that Colin Kaepernick should stand during the anthem, it might have been enough of a signal of old-school patriotism to working-class voters to put her over the top.”

Almost a full year later and Politicos are still whining about her loss, and fantasizing about “if only’s”. πŸΏπŸ˜—πŸΏ


The Good Doctor – new TV show, same old anti-white racism

Just watched episode 3 of ABC’s The Good Doctor. Very enjoyable but I can’t help noticing:

Lead surgeon – black male

Team lead – Hispanic male

Our autustic genius main character – wimpy White male

Ok I don’t mind this casting, whatever. And the main actor Freddie Highmore is a great Character actor. And it’s from the writers of House.

But this episode. Ehhhhh. Bugging me. The 2 main patients…

Sweetheart guy on list for  new liver. Screws up when daughter offers him a glass of champagne and drinks it. Disqualifies self from the donor list. Doctor argues his case for an exception to the black head surgeon, who insists rules are rules, loses.

A-hole guy undergoing mouth cancer treatments or something, with gaping hole in cheek, whines about it. Has continued to smoke, retarding his healing. 

The champagne drinker heads nobly home to die. No fuss. The daughter who gave the Hispanic doctor grief accepts her guilt and behaves. The smoker, wheeled out happy and treated, stuffs a fat cigar in his mouth, ready to light up.

The overt message – Liver donor abstinence rules are hypocritical given the laxness around other treatments and poor patient behavior.

Good stuff, except, Mr Champagne is… black. Mr A-hole is… white. Always it’s this pattern. Bad guy white, good guy black. In TV commercials it’s white guy dumb, black guy wise. The usual white-washing (no pun intended) of reality. Because, really? No race card thrown down by either black? In this day of identity politics? And the evil guy’s vice just happens to have him mirror an icon of conservative media? This is coincidence? Really?

It’s about as coincidental to me as President G.W. Bush’s head on a pike in Game of Thrones.

You just can never forget, we are living in The Matrix. Stay alert and awake.

Republic not Democracy

This is a great summation of what the Democrats aren’t understanding:

…”We should also abolish the Electoral College”. The US is a republic, not a pure democracy – this has been covered plenty; and the Electoral College exists to ensure that a president is elected with a regional consensus. That is, a president must accumulate enough EC delegates to demonstrate that he or she is acceptable to most people in most parts of the country. If the US elected presidents by popular vote, citizens from certain states or regions would literally have no say in who becomes president; A half dozen populous states would pick the president every election.

The Democrats are coming to grips with the fact that they’ve become an east coast/west coast party, and that’s not enough to carry a presidential election. They have the population, but not the electors. This is why there’s so much talk about abolishing the Electoral College lately. So, rather than assess why they’ve lost most of the country, they seek to destroy the constitutional safeguards restraining them. I don’t know what else to call that other than self-serving and un-American.




My pitch for Martin Sheens next project

28 Morons Later

A movie proposal continuing the Zombie Apocalypse movie franchise 28 Days Later and 28 Weeks Later.


Martin Sheen and every actor in his “Hey Electoral Voters, Join Our Club For The Vain And Stupid” video, fearing the inevitable Republican Apocalypse, have done a run on their banks and are holed up with all their cash in an old warehouse on the east side of LA.

Opening scene:

Michael Sheen –Β  I don’t know if they’re related, except by stupidity – having given up his dubious acting career to become a Globalist Activist, has no place to go in Trumptopia and is beating at the door. After a quick pitch and close by Martin on a timeshare deal, Michael is let in.
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Tom McClintock sells us out Yea vote HR6393

Email to local radio host, KSFO Brian Sussman:

The swamp has claimed Tom McClintock. From your show and interviews over the years I had an impression of Tom McClintock being a stand up guy. Well he just sold us all out.

McClintock voted Yea. Look it up:

HR6393 is based on the shady & discredited anonymous group PropOrNot’s flimsy McCarthyite “standards” – so broad those on both the Left and the aRight fit it – to list any news outlet that disagrees with MSM / Government narrative as “fake news”.
HR6393 opens the door to blacklist you Brian Sussman, and Katie Green – right like she’s a Commie Spy for sure – and Drudge, Breitbart etc as “Russian Propagandists”.
With Orwellian irony PropOrNot calls such dissenting voices the Useful Idiots.
Tom McClinton is basically saying YOU Brian and Katie are Useful Idiots. Rush is a Useful Idiot. Michael Savage is a Useful Idiot. Even Bill Maher, James Carville, and Chris Matthews, who’ve been known to question the PC Talking Points occasionally, are Useful Idiots. No one is safe.
No. YOU Tom McClintock are the Useful Idiot. You and your fellow GOPe swine in Congress who passed this Orwellian nightmare bill are the Idiots, and you’re becoming pretty useless. 
I am confident Trump and especially Steve Banner will kill this bill.
But let’s stop being Useful Idiots ourselves, and stop re-electing phonies like Carpetbagger McClintock. Start packing, Tom.
—- in Brentwood

Thanksgiving – the real story

Thanksgiving The Real Story from Aesop Redux on Vimeo.

A little research into the history of our first (successful) Pilgrims shows us something really interesting.

The first Pilgrims learned the hard way that Socialism and Communism do not work, destroying motivation and morale. Self reliance and reaping the benefits of your own labor (and not others) was the only way they avoided starving to death their first winter. A valuable lesson we should all remember this Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!